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“Speed 9” IMAX pre-sale hit 11.7 million, the best pre-sale performance of Hollywood film since the resumption of work

Shanghai – May 18, 2021 – the annual action blockbuster “speed and passion 9”, created by universal pictures, will hit more than 710 IMAX cinemas nationwide on May 21. Imaxchina (Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 1970) announced today that “speed and passion 9” has reached 11.7 million yuan in advance sale in the Chinese market at IMAX zero and the first weekend, setting the best pre-sale record of Hollywood films since the resumption of work. IMAX has also become a highlight of the overall pre-sale performance of speed and passion 9, accounting for 26%. At present, the pre-sale box office of the film has exceeded 50 million, and more than 1.17 million people want to see it. From the first “speed and passion 1” released in 2001 to now “speed and passion 9” and “speed and passion” in 2021