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“Innocent murder: the Corinthians case” was highly praised on the first day of its release, with high reputation leading the same period

The movie “innocent murder: Collini case” tells the story of a murder case that caused a green hand: the suspect Collini murdered the boss, Meyer, and then refused to speak in front of the law. The lad lawyer, Ryan, was appointed as the defender of Collini, and gradually uncovered the mystery of the mystery and drew a historical legacy. Since the release of the film, it has aroused high reputation ratings from domestic film critics, with Douban score of 7.7 and Weibo score of 8.6. The film has an absolute advantage, ranking first in the new film ratings of the same period. Many film critics gave very pertinent comments from many angles after watching the film. Some film critics believe that “innocent murder: the Corinne case” is “a film to restore the cruel real history on the big screen”. Some critics pointed out: “audience and movie atrium